Beatrice Bayliss is based online, with being situated predominantly online we use less energy than traditional retail. We participate and love to show our products physically as well and have undertook popups with Lone Design Club in London for this.

Sustainable Purchasing

Beatrice Bayliss is all about minimising the environmental impact throughout our supply chain. We enhance suppliers who share a common ethos of sustainability, transparency and affordability.


We opt for suppliers who maintain the same core values as we do here at BB. Sustainable, transparent and affordable, ensuring that we are as sustainable as possible, our current suppliers include Good fabrics in the UK and Lebenskleidung based in Germany as these companies align with our core values.

Local Manufacturing 

We aim to keep all of our manufacturing local and are proud to say that 100% of all of our products are produced in the UK. The majority of our products are made in the UK by either myself the founder or local seamstresses.

Zero Waste

Within our production process we aim for zero waste so the off cuts from each collection are used to create the majority of our accessories ranging from face masks to tote bags.


All of our packaging is lovingly packed and recyclable, from the tissue paper we wrap the clothes in to the envelopes and boxes we send your goods out to you in.


        Beatrice Bayliss packaging


The environment is incredibly important to us at Beatrice Bayliss, considered in the designing, fabric selection and production of each collection. We have partnered with Ecologi to enhance the positive impact. For every order you place Ecologi will plant a tree reducing our carbon footprint as a community and giving something back to the environment.

Learn more at Ecologi

          Ecologi Partnership