Welcome to Beatrice Bayliss! We are on a mission to provide sustainable clothing to everyone and I want to tell you all about it.
Founded in 2020, Beatrice Bayliss is your British born and bred, sustainably focused slow fashion clothing brand, based in London. We believe in reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible but without compromising on price or style.
The foundation behind Beatrice Bayliss is simple, fast fashion is incredibly damaging to the planet, with the fashion industry now being ranked the second most polluting industry worldwide and fast fashion has a big part to play in this! In response, our founder Emily wanted to launch a brand which combined both sustainability and affordability, without compromising on style. We have a simple three step solution; 
  1. We produce clothing from a mixture of sustainable fabrics (tencel, cupro, recycled plastic) and organic fabrics. We work with our fabric suppliers directly to ensure the supply chain is as transparent and sustainable as possible.
  2. Our price point means our clothing is available to everyone. 
  3. We produce our clothing to a zero waste policy so nothing is thrown away, the fabric offcuts are made into accessories. This reduces our waste going to landfill and we produce our collections in small batches here in the UK, to ensure we have minimal dead stock.
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A note from the founder;

'I'm Emily the founder and CEO of Beatrice Bayliss, my inspiration to create BB came from my own frustration when trying to purchase more sustainable clothing on a student budget. When I finished my degree at University of the Arts London I decided to combine my love for the environment and clothing into a brand which does better in three ways; we are better for the planet, better for the people involved and better for your body.’ 

Beatrice Bayliss logo and clothing 
Now let me tell you our manifesto, it’s something to live by!
Great clothing has a story. Great clothing is a pleasure to shop, a pleasure to buy, a pleasure to wear. Great clothing is about quality, lasts a life-time, never goes out of style. Great clothing costs the earth. 
Well it doesn’t have to. What if there was a brand which provided you with quality clothing, used sustainable fabrics, was ethically made and available to everyone. Would you believe me after reading this?
We are on a mission to provide genuine sustainable clothing to everyone, everywhere, join us?
Company Information:
BEATRICE BAYLISS is an independent sustainable clothing brand.
Company Registration number: 12527299. Registered in England.