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A note from the founder

I'm Emily the founder of Beatrice Bayliss, my inspiration to create Beatrice Bayliss came from my own frustration when trying to purchase more sustainable clothing on a student budget. The amount of sustainable alternatives on the market at an affordable price were far and few between, so when I finished my degree at University of the Arts London I decided to pursue my dream of bringing a sustainable and affordable slow fashion clothing brand to the market.

The foundation behind this company is simple, fast fashion is incredibly damaging for the planet and looking online made me realise the alternatives were limited in terms of my budget or stretching my personal eco-values. In response I wanted to launch a brand which has the environment at its heart but was still affordable for everyone.



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And here we are...

Founded in 2020, Beatrice Bayliss is your sustainable, transparent and affordable slow fashion clothing brand. We believe in reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible but without compromising price or style.

We love to share and celebrate sustainable actions and invite you to discover our clothing. Our everyday world involves everything from sketching new designs and the fitting of new collections to photo shooting. We love sustainable practices and want to share our designs with you.


Come and join the slow fashion community! 

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 Company Information

BEATRICE BAYLISS is an independent sustainable brand.

Company Registration number: 12527299. Registered in England.