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What’s your fashion week look?

As the New York Fashion Week of 2023 unfolds, fashion followers worldwide are excitedly looking out for the newest designs that will define the upcoming season. This year's fashion week has amplified various trends, even in highlighting the importance of sustainability. 


Fashion Week 2023 brings forth an array of vivid and striking colours, with designers incorporating the bright shades of yellow, red, and green into their collections. The use of bold colours offers a refreshing departure from past seasons' more subdued colour palettes, imbuing the runway with energy and optimism. Rowan Blanchard, who was seen wearing a charming red Rodarte dress, stunning. 


This year's fashion week has also been marked by a renewed focus on inclusivity and diversity. Many designers have showcased collections that embrace a wide range of body types and skin tones, celebrating the beauty of individuality and promoting a more inclusive vision of fashion. This year's fashion week is also promoting gender-neutral fashion, with designers completely blurring the lines between menswear and womenswear. Many collections featured unisex clothing with neutral colours and classic silhouettes that anyone can wear, promoting inclusivity and breaking down traditional gender norms. To the more traditional fashion fans: don’t fret! Many opted for simplicity and elegance; with pretty florals and patterned dresses putting on a charming show. Becky G certainly caught our eye, suited up in the prettiest blue dress. 


Overall, Fashion Week of 2023 didn’t disappoint, exhibiting some of the most exhilarating trends and styles in the fashion industry. From sustainable fashion to exciting bold colours, oversized silhouettes, and gender-neutral clothing, this year's runway shows celebrate creativity and diversity. We're eager to see how these trends will continue to shape the fashion industry in the future.


By Safi Ullah

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