We’re all guilty! | Beatrice Bayliss

We’re all guilty!

We are, we’re all guilty of buying something, maybe we had an event, thought it looked good with that outfit or just couldn’t resist. But we are all guilty of buying something wearing it once or maybe twice and then deciding it just wasn’t for us and some of us might have sold it, given it to charity or simply just throw it away. 

But on average 74% of us in the UK have clothes in our wardrobe for just under two years and then throw them away and that’s taking into account the things which we put at the back and completely forget about until that January clear out. 

This impulsive consumption is adding to the never ending landfill and environmental pollution which we are all guilty of contributing to, at BB we want to change that, change the habits of our customers and change the fashion industry for the better. Why not really consider your next consumption and think do I really need this? If you do then why not purchase your next piece from a sustainable and ethical brand like BB which has sustainability at the very core of everything we do, maybe the Tencel Waistcoat is the next must-have for your wardrobe!

        We’re all guilty! | Beatrice Bayliss

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