Turning Economic Uncertainty into Ecommerce Gains | Beatrice Bayliss

Turning Economic Uncertainty into Ecommerce Gains

Our founder Emily recently got invited to attend a Shopify event at the Canadian Embassy in London, an evening full of networking, learning more about this topic and I think the highlight for most people hearing from Steven Bartlett himself. 


This event not only discussed how Shopify are preparing their customers about the forming uncertainty regarding Ecommerce and the business world as a whole as we delve into a cost of living crisis. Interestingly Steven’s focus around this topic was mindset and the need for a positive mindset surrounding your own personal health and relationships but that this is the most important focus for any entrepreneur, business or simply person. If you aren’t healthy how can you make informed healthy decisions surrounding important areas of both your personal and business life. 


The event went on to discuss how Shopify has grown and what they intend to do to help business owners prepare but, mindset was the most interesting take away and something we should all factor into our lives. Take a Simple Moment for yourself!

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