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Our supply chain

The environment is at the heart of everything we do at Beatrice Bayliss from the designing process, selection of the fabrics and the manufacturing of our garments.

How it works

Before every collection we collate all the colours, design and styles together in mood boards to gauge what the collection will look like, editing it as we go. We then source the majority of our fabrics from Lebenskleidung a sustainable fabric manufacture based in Germany, selecting the right fabrics and colours for the season and collection. Our clothing is then produced by local craftsmanship in the UK, packaged and shipped to you.


We opt for suppliers who maintain the same core values as we do here at BB. Sustainable, transparent and affordable, ensuring that we are as sustainable as possible as a brand.


Local Manufacturing 

We aim to keep all of our manufacturing local and are proud to say that 100% of all of our products are produced in the UK, utilising local craftsmanship to produce our clothing.

BB Supply Chain

Zero Waste

Within our production process we aim for zero waste so the off cuts from each collection are used to create the majority of our accessories ranging from face masks to tote bags.


All of our packaging is lovingly packed and recyclable, from the tissue paper we wrap the clothes in to the envelopes and boxes we send your goods out to you in.


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