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Thoughts from the founder

It’s no secret that starting a business is hard but for me as a sole founder its objectives. Now this might sound a bit of a strange thing to consider as the most challenging aspect of my business, but it is. 


I’m now into the second week of the Impact Central accelerator programme and I realised something; I work on a day to day, week to week basis with Beatrice Bayliss, ticking boxes, answering emails, packing orders, completing reporting and communicating with customers. But all of this is very short term in the present, there is no long term vision or objectives. Of course I want my baby to be a success, every founder does. But for me it’s not just about BB and how this business has become like a child to me, developing and growing since I founded it. But it’s also about providing an alternative to fashion, giving back to the world and trying to make a more clean and sustainable step in the fashion industry, it’s about the future and the bigger picture. 


So for me it’s not a question of if my business succeeds it’s simply a question of when. 


Back to objectives, these are crucial for success, they are a guide, a roadmap and accountability to get from A to B. But I was stuck, I didn’t know how to think long term or even set out a clear set of objectives for a questions which is probably one of the broadest. 


How will I make this business a success? 


And if I’m being honest it’s a working progress, I’m still unsure as to whether I have a clear set of objectives surrounding this. Do I need mentoring, do I need people power or do I need finance? Nearly two weeks on and I’m still not sure, but it will come.


The blog this week has been a little unconventional but I wanted to share my thoughts, struggles and learnings from the accelerator programme so far and if you have any interesting points or guidance please get in contact and share them with me. 


Emily x

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