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This Week’s Favourites

It’s time to shake things up with the weekly favourites. Here we are again at the end of another week, we’re half way through January and it’s time to share this weeks favourites! At BB we take pride in making our product perfect for you and making sure you will love your piece for years to come.

From the Pippa Patchwork Top to Ribbed Face Covering, we have something for everyone. Read on, to discover some of the hottest products right now…

Our first is the ‘Ribbed Yellow Headband’ made from fabric offcuts this product is reducing our overall waste and is a perfect addition to any outfit!

                          Yellow Headband Close | Beatrice Bayliss        Yellow Headband Far | Beatrice Bayliss

The second is ‘Josephine Joggers’, now these organic cotton joggers are super comfy and flattering, made from brushed cotton it’s silky smooth on the skin and oh so comfortable

                   Joggers Close | Beatrice Bayliss

And thirdly the basic tees have been a winner this week, from the hand dyed to hand embroidered you choose.

               Organic Basics Multi | Beatrice Bayliss

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