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The Three Ways

Beatrice Bayliss helps you do to good in three ways.

  1. We are good for the planet. We help you do good by the planet, our products re made from a combinations of sustainable fabrics which include tencel; made from sustainably sources wood pulp. Cupro  a sustainable silk alternative, made from recycled fabrics this fabric is super silky and feels great. Alongside certified organic fabrics including the ribbed organic cotton which fits the body beautifully and brushed organic cotton, this fabric is super soft and feels divine.


  1. We are good for people involved. The people in our supply chain are treated fairly and are paid a fair wage. We work with our fabric suppliers directly to ensure the people involved in producing our fabrics are happy!


  1. We are good for your body. Unlike a lot of high street retailers who use mass produced polyester fabrics, which are made from oil and do you really want oil on your body, not to mention how bad that is for the planet. Our clothing is made from good quality natural fabrics which make your body smile!
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