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The sustainable and slow fashion movement

This more sustainable purchasing and slow fashion movement has definitely increased in recent years and believe it will only increase after the pandemic. Customers are choosing to use their money for good and invest it in companies like Beatrice Bayliss which are positively benefiting the environment. However, gaining that trust is crucial as customers are aware of the greenwashing which goes on, the irresponsible misleading. 
There has been a big movement in shopping smaller and more sustainably especially within the younger age demographic and it is encouraging to see which is only set to increase as the months and years go by. Buying more unique, custom and receiving a more personal touch when shopping has never been so important. 
There are so many small and sustainable brands out there all unique and interesting in their own way. People can learn so much from a small businesses from the time and effort we all put into the collections, products and pieces we create and in return customers know just how grateful we are when they decide to shop with us instead of the more unsustainable brands out there.
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