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The New Products Are Here

In the past few weeks we have been designing and sampling several different shirt ideas. We wanted to create a classic shirt with a slight twist, one of the shirts is made from a cupro material which is a sustainable alternative to silk, so silky smooth and is finished with a cropped length to perfectly pairs with high waisted jeans or a wrap skirt for when the weather is that bit warmer.  

     Cropped Shirt | Beatrice Bayliss

The other new design is a simple shirt but with a wider shoulder for that strong, feminine silhouette and mother of pearl buttons down the front. This shirt is made from a subtle navy fabric and is accompanied by a tapered waist to enhance the feminine feel of this piece. 

                         Nora Shirt Blog | Beatrice Bayliss

We know you’re just dying to see, so come and have a look!

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