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Sustainable Scandinavia was created to bring awareness to the issues of the fashion industry but also to the solutions that already exist. We believe that if people have the right information, they can make the right decisions - whether that is in producing or buying clothes. We want you to buy less, and thoughtfully choose every piece with the same care you would use to choose a company to invest in.


Then, we want to fight the idea that sustainable fashion is just “baggy cotton clothes of earthy colours”. We are convinced it is possible to be stylish, love fashion, and protect the planet. It is a whole beautiful world we want to explore together. 

And because we live here in Denmark, we wanted to shine a light on the initiatives that exist here first. Hence, the name “Sustainable Scandinavia”. So, if you’re interested in discovering new young and established brands and learning more about their unique stories and visions, come join us!


For us, Sustainability in fashion is about making the decisions that have a positive impact and help redistribute value - giving back to the people that make the clothes we love and wear every day, and the planet that gives us the resources to make them. Because if we don’t, soon enough the earth and people will have nothing more to share. 


In the end, the current fashion system leaves all of us feeling anxious, sad and powerless. The clothes we buy don’t look appealing and come out of a trend just after one season, reminding us that we’ve spent money for a very low value. It's time to change that.


We need to understand that sustainability is not an option, it is the only way forward. 


We are going to create even more exciting content, including interviews with CEOs of brands, educational materials on certificates and fabrics, fresh news on the sustainable side of fashion and much more. Our aim is to create a community of like-minded people who can change the future of the fashion industry together. And we are calling you to become a member of this community right now ❤️


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