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Support Local!

Today is an exciting day! 
I founded Beatrice Bayliss as I wanted to combine both sustainability and affordability without compromising style and with endless amount of time on my hands during lockdown 1.0 I made the leap and launched Beatrice Bayliss. The support I have received from my family and customers alike has been incredible and I will be entrerinly grateful foe that. 
More recently I have been featured in the ‘Support Local Magazine’ in the ‘Celebrating Women in Business’ article regarding women owned businesses with an inspirational story to tell, this is an incredible honour, you can read the full article at


                   Support local image           Support local image


‘Support Local Magazine’ champions small businesses and their readers are just as passionate about the importance of supporting small businesses. They have an amazing selection of small businesses and promote them not only on their website, but also across their social media. 
So if your thinking about delving into the small business world either as a founder or customer, Support Local are a great place to start! 
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