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Some exciting Conclo news!

We recently partner with Conclo; a social shopping app for sustainable fashion. We find the most fashionable sustainable brands in Europe and invite them to sell their pieces on our platform. You can buy directly from these brands, just like on any online marketplace. But you can also save your favourite pieces and share them with others in curated wardrobes. By following friends and fashion icons you get sustainable fashion inspiration straight in your feed. If another user buys a piece from one of your wardrobes you earn credits that you can use to get a discount on any piece on the platform. 


Conclo’s intention is to solve that discrepancy between knowledge and actions. They realised that many young consumers struggle to find brands that fit their taste and budget - largely because fast fashion dominates social media and has the power to set the trends. So in response they created a platform where fast fashion isn’t allowed to take up space; a place where sustainable brands are readily available and can become the source of inspiration. We also wanted to make sustainable fashion at least a bit more affordable for consumers but without forcing brands to push down their prices.


We spoke to their founder; Josefin about her reasoning for starting Conclo. ‘Gen Z and young millennials, as a generation, are some of the most of socially and environmentally aware. We grew up with a dooming climate crisis, we start planet-wide protests through social media, many of us are vegetarian or vegan, the list goes on. Yet we are also the biggest consumers of fast fashion. This isn’t generally because of lack of knowledge about the social and environmental issues with fast fashion - most of us know this, but few of us act on it.’


The brains behind Conclo is two twenty-somethings, a programmer and a lover of sustainable fashion, who sat in lockdown in London dreaming up a platform that we hadn’t seen anywhere else. They have been working on Conclo for two years alongside studying and daytime jobs. And their aim is for one day a platform like Conclo will be useless; now that may sound crazy but because sustainability in fashion has become the norm. But until then, they  hope to give sustainable brands space to set (and slow down) the trends and slowly move the masses towards collective sustainability. This means that Conclo might not just be a social marketplace in the future but to be a one-stop-shop for both sustainable brands and consumers, whatever that may entail.


Download the app via the link: and use the code ‘BEATRICE’ to enter!

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