OXO Tower Popup


A popup celebrating female founded ethical businesses, tell me what could be better?


With the ever-concerning climate change affecting our environment, the fast fashion industry contributes vastly towards landfill waste, concrete London wants to educate consumers into buying more consciously. We have partnered with them alongside many other inspiring female-led ethical brands. 


Our collective mission is to overcome the environmental and ethical challenges of traditional fashion production, making the most sustainable products possible without compromising on quality. From ethically sheared merino wool, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and using leftover fabrics that would otherwise go to landfill, their collections offer the consumer a new approach to buying fashion.


        OXO Tower Popup | Beatrice Bayliss


Your can find our latest collection Simple Moments at the popup, to browse and try on, don’t forget to show us by tagging us @beatricebayliss or #beatricebayliss!


You can find us at the OXO Tower Wharf, so come and say hi! Find the full details below.



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