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Our Wool is Spinning

Our wool has moved from Angela’s sheep on the Cotswolds to Fiona’s spinning mill in Leicester. 

 Fiona sent us updates on the process; our wool started out being washed and then got put through the first machine, separating the wool and making it almost cloud like. It then goes through the second machine, making slowly bundled together turning it more into a long real, this then goes through a following a machine and gets condensed. 


This long real is then spun to condense it further, and finally in order to create the chunky yarn style which we desired, the smaller strands are spun together.


In the next few weeks we will be moving our wool on to the artisan knitters across the UK and we can’t wait for you to see our BB knitwear. We have balls of our cotswold wool available on our website to purchase in grey or cream so if you like knitting or crocheting come and check out our cotswold wool!

 Photos credits to Shire Mill

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