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Our launch with VirtYouUs

VirtYouUs is a sustainable shopping site full of all the best eco-fashion, including BB! A place where you can trust that everything is good for the planet. Focusing specifically on finding quality eco-products, so that you and the Earth can both come first.

Their mission is to connect conscious buyers with the best sustainable clothing brands and to boost the sustainable fashion economy. Making fashionable, eco-friendly clothes easy to find and to save our customers research time by giving them the clothes they want. To create a platform where everyone feels great knowing that they helped to make the world a better place with their purchase.

VirtYouUs began when their founder, ‘Madelyn Kelley, started a modelling career and felt terrible helping fast fashion companies get ahead by hurting the planet. Madelyn quickly quit her career and instead began searching out sustainable brands. There was just one problem, finding these brands took hours and searching for exact products was even more frustrating. It was at this point that VirtYouUs became a necessity, where one could find all the best eco-friendly clothing in one place. VirtYouUs makes it easy to find what you want with a special search tool, you can specify exactly what you're looking for without having to compromise values. With us you can shop responsibly for any clothing item and know that your purchase is not only healing the planet, but also is exactly what you want!’

We will be joining many other amazing brands on the VirtYouUs website when they launch in August 2022. We can’t wait and are extremely excited to join them on the sustainable fashion journey. 

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