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Our fabrics, we know you want to learn more!

So you may have read our main fabric supplier is Lebenskleidung and we love them! Let’s begin with our favourite fabric;



The beloved ribbed organic cotton originates from Portugal, it is GOTS certified, supporting smallholder farmers in Uganda who follow organic farming. The process contributes to only rain-fed irrigation, no harmful herbicides
and pesticides are needed and the farm with crop rotation which means the soil erosion is limited and the land can be used for longer, it’s basically more sustainable and good for everyone. The fabric is good quality and has relatively short transport routes which is better than normal cotton, so like what you’re hearing?



Next up is Refibra Tencel, this fabric is made from wood pulp but let’s learn more. Lebenskleidung is in cooperation with Lenzing that we get here to the Lyocell a clean traceability, we know where the trees come from, exactly. Tencel is produced in Austria in a closed cycle, the chemicals are recycled and remain in the cycle! The production process is in Austria and the wood is FSC certified from Europe.


If you want to see some of the products we make with these fabrics then shop our bestsellers or drop us an email at info@beatricebayliss.com to learn more.

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