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Meet Scampi and learn how to make ethical decisions about your clothing

Beatrice Baylis has been preparing many unique and exciting things behind the scenes and working on a new collection for quite some time. You may have seen the multiple teasers on the BB social media channels about the Knitwear launch, and we thought it is about time we introduce you to our newest member of the BB family; Scampi.


Meet Scampi, he is the sheep mascot that has been helping BB in the making of the long-waited Knitwear collection. Emily, the founder of Beatrice Baylis, had hand-raised a baby lamb years ago and named him Scampi. This happened on her grandad’s farm in the Cotswolds and was the inspiration of the Scampi animation you see here. Being the cute fluffy sheep he is, Scampi has multiple responsibilities within the BB fashion choices. We will include him more often in our posts, as the knowledge he has about the slow fashion industry can greatly benefit all people into making a mindful purchase for themselves and the planet. Check the update on the Wool trip here.  

It is often spoken about climate change and all the issues that people cause on nature. Scampi here, wants to talk about how we can improve that and on the more positive note, how to change personal habits for a better future.

To influence people’s minds, he needs to educate us on the matter and point the direction for slow consumption and ethical fashion. Being transparent in a business as such is very valued from customers, so that is why Beatrice Baylis has a dedicated page on the website explaining where we the sourcing of materials comes from and the sustainability steps, we have taken to improve the quality of clothing, explore the page here. Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency in the supply chain, including information about sourcing, production processes, and labour conditions. Brands that prioritise ethical sourcing and sustainable practices are gaining favour among consumers. This is amazing as people are working towards wanting to understand and hold accountable companies that might have a not so green portfolio. People are the most important part of a business as everything starts from them and their needs, ending up with them and the purchase decision they have made. Using your funds to purchase a timeless piece that will last you years is amazing and will make you cherish the item more and for longer. Check the BB Re-Defined collection here

Organic cotton is produced and certified according to the guidelines and standards of organic farming. The cultivation of organic cotton preserves the soil, nature, and human. Instead of using artificial fertilisers and pesticides only sustainable and natural methods are incorporated. Growing organic cotton combines tradition and innovation to enhance the environment and our quality of life. Read more about our fabrics here

Scampi has noticed that in the past few years people have increasingly started to support local and artisanal craftsmanship, favouring products that are made with care and attention to detail. This trend emphasises the importance of preserving traditional techniques and supporting local economies. Purchasing in mind of the smaller businesses can benefit the community and most importantly, it will make you feel a part of the solution in a greater aspect.

Have a look at our previous blog, ‘10 reasons why mindful purchases are important and how Circular Fashion can help improve your consumption habits?’ here. 

By Kristin Aleksandrova

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