Kindered Panel Talk | Beatrice Bayliss

London Kindred Panel Discussion

This week our founder, Emily was on the Kindred panel discussing sustainability within the fashion industry. The event built around the principles of conscious consumption, being aware of your environmental footprint, slowing your consumption and the opportunity to repair and swap your garments. 

Ellen Brookes led the discussion, focusing on all thing sustainable from our impact as both customers and businesses, to fabric sourcing and manufacturing. 

Our founder spoke about the impact of fast fashion and her top tips on how to reduce your environmental footprint and become a more conscious consumer, alongside what Beatrice Bayliss are doing on our sustainable journey. The other panelists included Emily Carter; an award-winning British designer based in London. Supporting British manufacturing in order to promote ethical labour and sustainable production. And Edward Francis; the co-founder of Thumbprint, a recently-launched apparel brand that’s on a mission to use the power of human connection to improve the quality of life of girls and women from low income communities in India.

To find out more about the event follow the link below.

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