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Let’s talk packaging

With more and more of us shopping online it is becoming increasingly important to ensure we’re investing in sustainable and more eco-friendly packaging. It’s one thing to create sustainable products and another to follow through and ship them sustainably too. 

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Here at Beatrice Bayliss packaging is just as important as the product itself, we want it to look cute and be beneficial for the environment. We lovingly wrap all of your orders in recyclable tissue paper fastened with a cute pink BB sticker. Your items are then shipped to you in a paper envelope or cardboard box. All of this can be recycled and this is so important to us. We want to minimise our impact on the environment all the way from the selection of fabrics to the delivery of your parcels.
In terms of delivery services, we use Royal Mail. They are one of the more sustainable delivery services out there as they deliver a lot of the parcels by foot, reducing the carbon footprint of your parcel.
So you can feel guilt free purchasing from us!!
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