Our 1st Birthday | Beatrice Bayliss

It’s our birthday!!

Today Beatrice Bayliss turns one years old and damn are we excited. 
Just over a year ago Beatrice Bayliss was just an idea, when I was studying for my degree at London College of Fashion I delved further and further into the fashion industry and it broke my heart what this industry is doing to the planet. The lack of care and complete disregard for trying to make the situation better. I wanted to help the planet and provide a sustainable alternative people can trust. 


                    BB Birthday Cake


Our clothing is all about the fabrics and process behind them, love and care has gone into creating each and every garment and I cannot thank you enough for all your support. A year ago in the midst of lockdown I never could have imagined how far my little company would come, I’m so very proud. I can’t thank you all enough for the support you have given to BB, it’s like my child and I will be forever grateful.
To celebrate turning one we are offering 25% off until the 2nd July with the code ‘HAPPYBIRTHDAY’ so come and celebrate with us!!
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