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It’s all about the pitch!

On Thursday the 14th July, our founder Emily pitched Beatrice Bayliss, bringing the first phase of the Impact Central Accelerator programme to a close. A huge thank you to the other incredible founders and community, for supporting us at The Impact Central Showcase. 

      Impact Central Cohort | Beatrice Bayliss

Emily discussed her heartbreak from learning more about the damaging effect behind the shinny facade of the fashion industry to discovering that the fashion industry is now ranked the second most polluting industry worldwide, behind oil, which is just staggering, topping transportation, food and air-travel. Alongside her frustration when trying to purchase more sustainably and do her bit, essentially how BB was founded and why it is imperative for us all play our part. 

More specific details regarding Beatrice Bayliss’ collections were mentioned from our differing Organic Basics and Thoughtful Range to the product themselves. Discussing how on average a high street t-shirt uses 2,700 litres of water, this is approximately 9 bathtubs, and 7kg of carbon, whereas a BB t-shirt on the other hand uses 91% less water and 46% less carbon, due to our carefully selected fabric suppliers and not to mention how are customers love it!

        Our Mission Image | Beatrice Bayliss

The other incredible founders speaking alongside Emily included; 

  • @sogoodkombuchauk - Our ambition goes beyond kombucha – we want to be known as the most ethical, sustainable, and innovative beverage manufacturer in the UK – helping other UK beverage start-ups to scale up in the most eco-friendly way possible. 
  • @familyflowapp - The Family Flow app provides a toolkit and team to ease the parent journey and empowers parents to improve the wellbeing, mental health and quality of life both for themselves and their children.
  • - At Switch It, we believe you don’t have to change your life to change the world. You might think you don’t have the power to make a difference, but if you have a bank account, energy provider or pension, you can make positive changes today. Your money could be funding fossil fuels without you being aware of it.
  • @herahealthapp - Hera is an AI driven child development app that supports parents and caregivers through their child’s journey in their early years.
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