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In their latest issue, In Association discus the issues or benefits surrounding Brexit and businesses. I am honoured to be featured alongside my brand, Beatrice Bayliss. 

       Brexit article

The article outlines how Brexit has very much been beneficial for Beatrice Bayliss, with out customer base majority in the UK and USA we have had little effects from the whole process, minus a few hiccups regarding fabric deliveries. In this respect we have been lucky! The article goes on to highlight the excitement surrounding the world opening up to markets all over the world. 
As I stated in the article ‘the EU only accounts for 15% of the world’s overall trade. There is a whole world of potential customers and possibilities out there, and at Beatrice Bayliss we no longer feel constrained to trade with the EU’ this couldn’t be more true.

                                          Brexit photo

Business owners should feel optimistic and excited about what the future world trade looks like for the UK.
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