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Good on You!

A friend of mine recently told me about this app and oh my goodness has it made my shopping decisions easier!
I have always been conscious when shopping and never knew that this app existed. Rating how good each brand is for the planet, animals and people, doing all that hard work for you. Alongside to this, the app provides suggestions of similar brands which you may not have heard about before, but are similar to ones you have looked up and enquired after. Brands both small and large, broadening your horizons on the many other sustainable companies out there!
Not only are many different brands ranked on how they effect people in the production process and making of the products, how good they are for the environment and planet but whether they harm animals in the production process. The app also highlights and latest news and trends in the fashion industry.
It really is an incredible app and I highly recommend for finding information on how sustainable your beloved brands are and finding new ones!
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