Free Masterclass

Free Masterclass

Everyone loves a little treat!

        The Wardrobe Edit | Beatrice Bayliss

Beatrice Bayliss has recently collaborated with Lara, founder of The Wardrobe Edit to bring you a free masterclass. Doesn't that sound great?

Click on the link below to sign up to you free masterclass!!

Well what's included?

1. Build a capsule wardrobe you love without counting how many items you have. We teach how to capsule their wardrobe with less stress. This is why we call it curate, not capsule. 

2. Understand how to find their personal style. We provide tangible ways for them to narrow in on some of the items that may stall them from figuring out their style.
3. How to shop without spending money on junk. We dive a little into fast fashion/sustainability and teach how they can get quality clothes they love.

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