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Five years from now!

 That’s the question! Five years from now. 

It’s such a difficult question to know the answer to unless you have some kind of magical crystal ball, but I hope, that the fashion industry will be taking more responsibility in terms of the damage and waste it has lead to. Taking more time and investment in sustainable practices, practices which are true and realistic. It’s great to say you will turn 100% green by 2025 but you have to follow through with these pledges and that is essential. Greenwashing is not helping the overall problem of the damaging fashion industry. With more and more small businesses popping up around the world which have the environment at the heart of what they do, it is encouraging to think that maybe we will one day have more businesses with the environment at the core of their principles, more personable, unique and interesting businesses. 
       Alice dress on model
In terms of Beatrice Bayliss where we will be in five years time, that’s easy. The aim is to have an established brand which our customers know and trust. A genuinely sustainable brand which is available for everyone in terms of price. Still ensuring that the environment is at the heart of everything we still do. You have allowed Beatrice Bayliss to become a reality for me and over the past six months the sewing, marketing, customer service and so much more has gotten me out of bed each day. The selling, making and packaging all of your orders has brought me so much joy. I love you all, thank you!!
Where do you want to be five years from now?
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