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Exciting news for those based in the UK and with a strong interest in sustainable fashion!

Between the 15th and 25th of September, the first and *only* UK Sustainable Fashion Week will take place in the city of Bristol.


At Beatrice Bayliss, we welcome this news with enthusiasm, hoping this initiative will enable a large audience to learn more about upcycling, vintage and sustainably-made clothing. 


The brand-new catwalk show is scheduled for Wednesday 21st, which will “unite the week’s four driving themes, Regenerate, Rewear, Repurpose and Reconnect”. The organisers hope that the event will enable participants to understand the value of garments and fight against fast fashion brands’ modus operandi.


What’s even more interesting, there are many talks and activities which are free to attend. Some of those include a talk on greenwashing, the role of government in system change and the correlation between consumption & capitalism; several are the workshops on learning how to sew and live clothing repairs. Finally, community-led events are carried out in several other cities of the UK during Sustainable Fashion Week, such as London and Cardiff.


If you are interested in learning more, you can follow this link which will take you directly to the Sustainable Fashion Week website where you can download the full programme! You can check out their Instagram at @sustainablefashionweek_uk

By Chiara Tecchio

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