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What is it all about?


We are very excited to announce that the launch of the new AW22 collection is only a week away! The clothing line is inspired by life’s simple moments. Timeless designs and comfortable garments which can be worn anytime anywhere will be the focal point of our collection.

       New Collection | Beatrice Bayliss

In this blog post, we would like to dig a bit deeper into what the theme for our new line means. In a nutshell, through the clothes we create, our aim is to encourage you to savour life’s simple or mundane moments. The act of enjoying these can form the basis for a richer and happier way of living.


But what do we mean by 'simple moments'?


Life is made up of tiny moments, and some of them can be considered simple or normal from the outside. Instead, we believe many of those simple moments provide a source for reflection, inspiration and value which can brighten up your day.

Several photos from our AW22 collection will be taken in nature. Beatrice Bayliss takes a lot of inspiration from nature and we work hard to ensure our brand does its part in protecting the planet. We will celebrate nature and the exploration of natural surroundings as one of life’s simple yet valuable moments, given that it can improve well-being and clarity of mind.


Some of our content will also be focused on celebrating any activity which can be enriching or stimulating. We will portray our models enjoy their reading time a source of reflection and inspiration. What could it be for you? 


Finally, we believe spending time with friends or with those we care about is simple in its essence, yet oftentimes can result in exchanging interesting insights which can expand our world, celebrating the slow fashion community of people who care about sustainability and understand the importance of enjoying life’s tiny moments.


Once the collection is out, you will have the chance to share with us which simple moments in life you cherish using #BBsimplemoments. Perhaps, it’s watching your favourite movie with your family, walking your dog in the park, or admiring the city lights from afar. So, stay tuned for new content on social media coming out soon!

By Chiara Tecchio

       New Collection | Beatrice Bayliss

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