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Embroidery and Patchwork

Embroidery and patchwork are the highlights of our new products, come and explore the Pippa Patchwork Top and Embroidered T-Shirts being the main focus. Our new products include organic cotton and a range of more experimental pieces, but still draw back to our favourite ribbed and brushed organic cotton. 
Our founder Emily studied Embroidered at London College of Fashion and has drawn back to her routes within these new products, featuring an intricate daisy design and a fun smiley design, enhancing vibrant colours and simplistic lines. 


 Daisy Embroidered T-Shirt | Beatrice BaylissJodie Joggers | Beatrice BaylissPippa Patchwork Top | Beatrice Bayliss


We have a more creative and experimental range which has some new techniques and interesting designs and colours. However, we are still keeping the loungewear pieces, these have been a staple during lockdown and they are still remaining going into the new season!
Come and explore the range today.
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