Ecologi Update

Ecologi Update

We partnered with Ecologi in the middle of 2021, so for every order you place in partnership with Ecologi a tree will be planted.


Since our partnership with Ecologi, you our customers have contributed to planting 30.2 million trees at the end of 2021 across the world and a staggering 1 million carbon tonnes reduction. These tree planting projects have benefited not only local ecosystems but also assisted in directly supporting 1,026 livelihoods. New planting sites have been started in many locations across the world including Kenya and Uganda. 


But closer to home we have contributed to nearly 100,000 trees being planted in the UK, which is amazing! Ecologi’s focus still remain on forest protection and peatland restoration, alongside their three pillars; 

  1. Fund - funding climate solutions
  2. Calculate - calculating our both businesses and individuals carbons emissions
  3. Engage - engaging with others to encourage others 


Overall, 2021 has been an incredible year for Ecologi and we can’t wait to be apart of the progress made in 2022.

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