Doesn’t the knitwear of AKNVAS at NYFW remind you of BB? | Beatrice Bayliss

Doesn’t the knitwear of AKNVAS at NYFW remind you of BB?

This year’s New York Fashion Week provided a lot of beautiful pieces on the catwalk alongside their designers. It was held all over the city ‘that never sleeps’ from the 9th of February until the 15th. The main venues were the Spring Studios, Skylight on Moynihan, Eyebeam, Gallery, and The Shed, which helped set the mood for each of the events, (check the videos from the catwalks on the NYFW’s website -

Doesn’t the knitwork of AKNVAS reminded you of BB? At Beatrice Bayliss we focus on sustainable clothing pieces that are well-designed and innovative, as does the Danish designer Christian Nielsen who showed the beautiful, knitted dresses and sweaters on the NYFW 2024, look at the tactile knit on image 1:    

        Doesn’t the knitwear of AKNVAS at NYFW remind you of BB? | Beatrice Bayliss

Another comparison made by our audience was the Tencel designs from Christian Nielsen (Image 2) shown in combination with an accessory piece for the open area around the neck. The image on the right (Image 3) is our BB Tencel waistcoat with the Tencel wide-leg trousers from the BB Re-defined collection. In collaboration with Marta from LCF we created this video showcasing a harmonious relationship between people, clothing, animals, and the environment. 

Watch it here and leave us a comment down below: 

On the NYFW, we witnessed many collaborations, such as the Concept Korea that celebrates their 13th anniversary with this year’s designers for MMAM, Charms, and Kimmy J. The carefully selected top designers for Indonesia Now, showed the traditional patterns and colours of their culture take a modern and new approach. Also, The Global Fashion Collective from I to IV, that impressed with beautiful pieces, one of which was the interesting colour design and patterns for the clothes of Sounds of Ikebana. As an expansion of the Vancouver fashion week, the creators had more to show and be proud of, see figure 2 bellow:

       Doesn’t the knitwear of AKNVAS at NYFW remind you of BB? | Beatrice Bayliss

On The Talks, which can be watched on the NYFW’s webpage, multiple fashion editors, stylist and directors discussed their experiences in fashion and how it changed their life. One of them was for the series on Apple TV +, ‘The Super Models’. Roger Ross Williams, Larissa Bills, Sara Bernstein, and Todd Oldham discussed how Naomi, Cindy, Linda, and Christy changed the industry forever and their life back in the 90’s. 

Speaking of experiences in fashion and the changes within the industry, the collaboration between Studio 189 and Yahoo is utilising the fashion to design a collection focused on civic engagement and awareness. The aim is to bring more people to vote for their local elections and take future in their own hands. Their slogan was – design your rights, check it out here -  

Another thing that captured the attention of the audience was the brand AREA and the designs of Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg. They show incredible craftsmanship and innovative use of embellishment in their work.

                               NYFW Round up | Beatrice Bayliss

‘What else was on the menu?’ you might ask, well, the organisers of NYFW partnered with multiple restaurants and bars around New York to help the audience and everyone invested in this exciting week of fashion, to have a place to sit down and enjoy good food. Fulfilling the various tastes and preferences of people, they presented a list online with limited selection of menus with dishes chosen to impress. 

In conclusion, the NYFW AW 2024 was a great success as many new artists showed their work to the world and continue to inspire many artists to take on new challenges and explore fashion on another level. We at BB are looking forward to the London Fashion week that is coming very soon, so stay tuned for our review!

 By Kristin Aleksandrova


  • Image 1 - NYFW, AKNVAS - knitwear, 2024
  • Image 2 - NYFW, AKNVAS, 2024
  • Image 3 - Tencel matching sets, Beatrice Bayliss, 2023
  • Image 4 - NYFW, Sounds of Ikebana, 2024
  • Image 5 - NYFW, AREA, 2024
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