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Does sustainable fashion come at a cost?

In more recent years, fashion has become a dirty word, gaining a bad reputation from high end designers, burning left over stock to keep it exclusive, too fast fashion brands selling clothing pieces for pennies in the Black Friday Sales. Fashion is said to be responsible for an estimated 10% of global greenhouse gases and for the beautiful, alluring facade fashion has, these are the true facts behind a polluting and dirty industry. 
As consumers we have a choice to put our money into brands and companies which withhold eco-values and are investing in sustainable practices, to reduce the damaging effects this industry has had upon the planet, but does this come at a cost?
More and more sustainable brands are popping up trying to gain a piece of the sustainable pie. However, many of these brands are out of reach in terms of price. Our founder’s inspiration to create Beatrice Bayliss was the frustration around trying to purchase more sustainable products on a student budget. We believe there is a way to combine sustainability and style without compromising on the cost. 
With lockdown fuelling the conscious consumer and number of sustainable businesses out there, it would appear there is a light at the end of the tunnel for sustainability and affordability to find harmony. 
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