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Cotswold Collection by Stef Frank

Deeply inspired by the unrivalled beauty of the natural world, new sustainable brand Beatrice Bayliss presents their affordable yet effortlessly chic ‘Cotswold Collection’.
Brainchild of UAL graduate Emily-Jane Bayliss, the Cotswold Collection translates the elegant simplicity of the environment into everyday clothes. Having grown up in the English Cotswolds- an area of quaint villages enfolded between rolling green hills, lush fields and flora, the collection is inspired by Emily’s childhood. Growing up surrounded by the environment, one develops a deep appreciation for the natural world.  As such, every stitch in the Cotswold Collection is sourced responsibly. Utilising exclusively sustainable materials, from the exquisitely soft organic cotton fibres, grown without the use harmful chemicals, to the recycled plastic zips, aiming to reduce ocean plastic pollution, Beatrice Bayliss proves you don’t have to compromise style with the well-being of our planet.
In contrast to many other conventional sustainable brands on the market today, Beatrice Bayliss prioritises the affordability of each piece; using every off-cut of fabric to minimise waste and to ensure the brand is economically accessible to all. Without sacrificing the glamour nor the quality of the piece itself.  For example, the sustainable, one-shoulder Savannah Top, priced at only £18.50 is beautiful, durable and timeless. Crafted from silken organic cotton and elastic to obtain a flattering shape, the top is comfortable and versatile. Shaded in a neutral cream tone indicative of graceful minimalism, the piece among other Cotswolds items follows a very natural colour palette, in reflection of the collection’s commitment to respecting and protecting nature.
Overall, Beatrice Bayliss is redefining sustainable fashion beyond vintage threads and drastically overpriced, high-octane garments, but rather, something accessible for the modern woman; designing elegant, affordable collections that are mindful towards the planetary boundaries of our Earth. While brands such as this are definitively taking steps in the right direction, the fast fashion industry has deeply tainted the well-being of our planet and it is upon us, as consumers, to pressure change. Thus, I must encourage you to remember Beatrice Bayliss for future buys; keep an eye out for their pop-up stores and their upcoming Christmas collection this festive season. Not only, will you gain new favourite fashion piece, but also, may you play an active role in building a sustainable future for all.


Stef Frank, @stefra__

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