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Choosing a career

What a daunting thought and particularly in the midst of a pandemic! I finished my fashion degree at London College of Fashion in June 2020 and within a week was bored and lost, unsure of what direction my career was going to take and most of all bored, bored senseless. So I thought why not, I had always wanted to start a business, I just never thought it would be this soon after university and looking back now it was probably a crazy idea! 
My aim was to combine both my love of fashion and the environment, creating a sustainable alternative at an affordable price. I founded Beatrice Bayliss is July 2020 and it was initially born from my own frustration when trying to buy more sustainable on a student budget. Beatrice Bayliss is a British sustainably focused slow fashion clothing brand, combining both sustainably and affordability without compromising style. 
Lockdown has been difficult for all of us, especially those of us who have graduated, moved home and felt lost in terms of direction within our career path. I think starting my business for me was a driving factor and kept me sane during a very difficult time. However, I’m not saying it was the easy option, when I started the brand in the midst of lockdown I never thought it would be easy but damn has it been difficult at times, my one pieces of advice for those thinking about starting a business is to keep going! Sometimes you have bad days even weeks and all you want to do is give up but keep going because providing that little bit of joy to a single customer is worth every bit of struggle! 
Being a woman in business has been a beguiling experience so far, there are so many fascinating businesses owned by women out there and there is a real sense of community, supporting one another to all achieve our aims! 
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