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Branding our story

Beatrice Bayliss and the process behind building a story brand. As you might of heard our founder recently got selected to take part in the Impact Central Accelerator programme of which this week was all about branding and the story behind the brand. So we wanted to share this process with you and if you have any feedback, please let us know!

What does the character in our story want; sustainable clothing which is unique, good quality, within their budget and from a brand they can trust.

What is our characters problem, the limited sustainable brands available, either limited choice or too expensive, alternative brands are often greenwashing and aren't truthful about sustainable credentials. Our character finds themselves frustrated, confused, hopeless, annoyed, angry. But the answer to fast fashion is simple, sustainable clothing which is accessible to all.

Our character finds us; at Beatrice Bayliss we understand the frustrations of finding sustainable clothing which is available to everyone. We are providing a sustainable alternative too fast fashion. 

We provide you with a simple easy to follow plan; BrowseShopWear. Its as simple as that! We agree and solely understand your frustrations and want to provide you with an authentic sustainable brand that you know and love.

We are better for people and the planet.

Simply shop sustainable and organic clothing on our website, socials or stockists, all made in the UK.

Help the planet, people and look whilst you're doing it.

Beatrice Bayliss is better in three ways:

  1. Better for the planet
  2. Better for people
  3. Better for your body

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