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Black Friday or is green Friday more appropriate?

So Black Friday has arrived, and as you let the competition over which store can offer the better discount flood your inbox, why not take a minute? There are several thoughts to consider. 

  1. Do I need this? Am I buying this for a reason, a purpose or simply because its half the price?
  2. Is this piece a real investment and will last?
  3. Am I investing in a small business, will my purchase make a difference to someone? 


This year take a moment and think about the importance of shopping a little less and investing in the things we really want and need in our lives. At Beatrice Bayliss we believe this year we should all buy a little less this Black Friday and instead really invest in what we have. But we do love a little treat too and to help you with your Christmas shopping this year we are offering 30% off gifting so come and have a look!

                         Black Friday Image | Beatrice Bayliss

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