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Are you doing all you can to reduce your impact on the environment?

More and more sustainable brand and alternatives are popping up, but are we really noticing them. We see hundreds of thousands of ads per day many of them being sustainable or eco-friendly endorsed. But the real question is what can we all do to purchase better and positively contribute to the environment? 
There are many ways to purchase better, many sustainable brands are on the market in todays landscape. This has also lead to many of the bigger brands and companies greenwashing, however a lot of the smaller businesses have the environment at the heart of their ethos. If I can give you one piece of advice give a small business a go, there are so many incredible ones out there! 
If we all make even the smallest change from purchasing one better item it will make a massive change towards a healthier environment and planet! This could be loose fruit and vegetables or purchasing a sustainably made top with sustainable and organic materials. Below are a few ways we can all make better changes, both big and small, which will all contribute to a healthier planet.
  1. Buy loose fruit and vegetables, we don’t need the plastic wrapping
  2. Purchase a reusable tote bag
  3. Prioritise buying clothes made from more sustainable materials 
  4. Invest in small businesses
  5. Buy and support local
  6. Recycle, including packaging
  7. Use reusable containers for storage
  8. Avoid impulse buying, think about it do you need it, do you love it?!
  9. Visit charity and thrift shops
  10. Buy food in season
If you have any changes you're making to help the environment we'd love to know!
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