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A need for slow fashion in a post covid society

As our society and communities start to come out of lockdown we need to not only consider shopping more consciously and thinking about what we really need to be happy and content. But also consuming on a more local basis, with the world ever diminishing in size the ease of pollution and transportation for production and design between countries is ever increasing. As a result, we need to look at consuming locally to not only support struggling local businesses due to COVID-19 but also for the benefit of our world.
Fashion is a dirty industry, to be precise fashion is the third most polluting industry worldwide accounting for around 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year. This has lead to many of the problems we face today including polluted water supplies and a water consumption of 1.5 trillion litres of water annually, this is within the fashion industry alone. The list goes on; with deforestation and an ever increasing overconsumption of fashion products which are thrown away only a few months later. Our throw away society is spiralling out of control. However, it is not too late. Supporting smaller and more sustainable fashion brands like Beatrice Bayliss is just one of the ways in which we can all help to reverse the ever increasing problem before it is too late. A terrifying reality of COVID-19 is that after the pandemic there is said to be more disposable face masks in the sea than jellyfish, not only destroying our beautiful and fragile environment in the short term but also in the long term. Wearing a disposable face mask is harmful to the planet, you may not think this when buying a packet of 5 for £5. But in reality that single face mask is made from fly away plastic which is harmful to the planet as it can’t be recycled and has a lifespan of 450 years. So just consider next time you pick that bargain packet of face masks up about the implications it will have once you’ve disposed and forgotten about it. 
The slow easing of lockdown has allowed us to realise the businesses surrounding us and has allowed many sustainable brands to come to fruition as they design, produce and sell in a sustainable way. Not only benefiting the planet in terms of resources and production but also aiding the change in consumer habits to a more slow fashion and circular economy which is a more sustainable way of business. One of the merging businesses is Beatrice Bayliss an affordable, sustainable slow fashion clothing brand which has the environment at its heart. They use certified organic fabrics and fabrics made from recycled plastic in the production of their clothing. Located in the UK their production is based in the heart of the UK using British fabrics where possible.
There is an ever-increasing demand for more sustainable products as people become more and more aware of the damage we’re causing to the environment. However, us as customers have a choice to disrupt the norm and cause change for the better. What do you choose?
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