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A new collection for a new year

A new year brings a new collection for Beatrice Bayliss. We have been carefully designing this collection to really enhance and embrace the idea of Spring. Throughout the collection there are hints of the year to come and the spring season it brings with it, from the mixed bold and pastel colour palette to the light and comforting designs. 
The highlight of our new collection is going to be the patterned poplin style dress. We have never introduced a pattern into a collection before, so earlier on in the year we wanted to know what you thought of the possible pattern options, we had an amazing response to both the navy, orange pattern and yellow, pink pattern. The poplin dress for this collection will be made up of the navy, orange pattern we hope you like it as much as we do.
There is going to be an introduction of a cardigan and new style top as well, along with the continued Spaghetti Top in a new, vibrant colour. Following the messages and emails we received regarding custom made or altered designs in the new year if you like a style but need a different size (which is not on offer) or a slightly altered product we will be happy to assist you, just drop us a message and we will get it sorted.
We hope you have a Happy New Year!!
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